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Anyone watching DWTS?

I'm not a Kate Gosselin fan, but I actually feel bad for the woman. I was cringing last night while she was dancing. You could actually see her counting out the steps and she looked COMPLETELY miserable. It's too bad that she couldn't just let loose and at lease look like she's having a smidge of fun!
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Re: Anyone watching DWTS?

  • Me!  

    I agree with you... I don't really like her but I actually felt bad for her when I saw her dance.  It was painful to watch.  She looked terrified and so stiff and definitely was counting.  It was harder to watch her than Buzz Aldren.  He's a sweet man, but not very good.  Oh, and I call shenanigans on the *** cat doll (nicole?) getting two 10's for her dance.  She is really good, but I just don't think she deserves a 10 this early in the competition because I know she'll be better by the end.  Pamela Anderson is a mess.

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  • I saw Kate dance and then saw the recap at the end. Kate was horrible!   I actually made the same comment to DH that she was counting her steps and looked so stiff and scared.  I did feel bad for her though. At least Buzz smiles the whole time :)
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  • Yea, I thought it was a little early for the 10's, as well. She is good, but it's obvious she has somewhat of an advantage over most of the others because she knows how to learn choreography and she has danced so much. I actually read that she minored in dance in college!

    As for Kate, I think she's probably gone. I kind of would like to see her stick around because it would be interesting to see if she improves. Who knows. Sometimes the worst person ends up staying a while. I actually don't think Tony would mind if they got kicked off. They don't seem to like each other much!

    It seems like they are really trying to play up the drama this season.

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  • I can't stand this show but I watched just to see Shannon (not a fan of hers but 90210), Pamela, and Kate.  I thought the whole drama with Kate was so stupid.  She looked just as awkward in that hair and dress as her dancing looked.  I was getting annoyed with her saying "I love you kids" every time the camera was on her too.  Ok, we get it!  It just felt like overkill and like she was doing it because of all of her bad press.  I am not a fan of hers if you can't tell.  ;)  Pam was a mess too and always looks rough and weathered to me.  She acted like she was on something.  I was able to stand the show fast fowarding but don't think I will be able to again.  Waaaay too long!
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