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Hair result

So we soaked and repaired and colored and repeated...  The end result was ok.  It's like a burgundy.  I can live with it for now but I miss my coppery red.  I'm going to get a couple inches cut off just to make it even.  So here's a pic I had taken out during my Castle adventure where you can see the hair color in the natural light.  Not too bad :)


Re: Hair result

  • I like that colour!! But I too am a fan of coppery tones. Looks like you had fun at the Castle :)
  • It looks great!  Well, let's hear all about your castle adventure..... 
  • I'm a natural redhead. Made the mistake of getting bored one day and going blonde. Turned out horrible! Dark spots everywhere. So, I finally dyed over it... came out almost black it was terrible. It was supposed to be auburn! So then, I went to Sallys and bought a kit and stripped my hair of all dyes... it came out wonderful! Still a bit lighter than my natural, so I got a color which I believed was identical to my natural red. Came out black AGAIN.. WTF. Stripped it again... then finally got a much lighter red and it came out exactly like my natural.

    Lets just say, I spent a LOT of money and my scalp still hurts! Ouch!

    Natural redheads shouldnt mess with dyes! lol I learned that the hard way!

  • I won't be letting bleach of any sort touch my hair AGAIN! 


    The castle was a lot of fun.  It's a group of renaissance faire enthusiasts who get together there twice a year.  We hang out, and drink and sing.  It's a lot of fun.  My ex BF showed up with that girl who used to be my close friend.  Grrr... luckily they didn't stay long.  I made amends with someone who hadn't talked to me in like 3 years, which made it all completely worth it.  We sleep in the castle too... of course, it took me 2 hours to get warm even under an electric blanket and I only got about 3 hours sleep total but it was a LOT of fun. 

     Here's a link to the pics I took... (opens in a new window)

  • Looks like fun!  We have a Ren Fest in Atlanta every spring.  I have always loved to go, and yes, I have dressed up before. Geeked  My brother used to make costumes (for fun and money) and he always had me decked out.   Where did you find a castle in the US?
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