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I am so mad right now

Im am beyond mad right now at my work. I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that I no longer have health insurance and I owe the company over $600.  WTF ugh! Plus add that to the fact when I told them I was preg they told me that as soon as the baby was born to let them know so they could put me on a family plan, well I had my baby called and called and called finally they told me that they will not give me a family plan and im on my own. I do have her on a state plan so shes all set but the fact that they told me not to worry about it and lied about it makes me steam. Im off today to look for a new job. Im supposed to go back April 12, but now im afraid if I go back what was promised to me wont be there. I was told that I would go back and have my regular hours and my old classroom back (630-330 in an infant room) I know they cant fire me but I cant trust them either. I know I can walk into another co and get paid much more than im making now. GRR sorry just had to vent. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

Re: I am so mad right now

  • That sounds REALLY sketchy. I would also try and find a new job.... GL
  • GL! I don't understand why they are able to take away your coverage without telling you?!  That seems wrong to me, I would try to find another job asap but if it doesn't work out, talk to someone and find out some answers!  Hope it works out!
  • I would have lots of questions and demand answers in writing. I would also be looking for a new job. Remember if you do not stand up for yourself no one else will.
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