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RAD/Asthma likely dx; what next?!?!

I first posted this on the 12-24 board and haven't gotten a huge response so far; wanted to see what you all in your infinite wisdom think I should be doing:

We're struggling with this right now and trying to decide if it's time to ask for a referral to a specialist.  DD is 21 months and has literally had a cold or some other virus every other week since NOVEMBER.  She's definitely sicker than the other preschool kids and her coughs are astronomically awful when she has a cold, to the point she'll vomit and sometimes struggle to breathe for a few seconds.  She's had a nebulizer with various meds in it since probably January, and it definitely helps her coughing to get the treatments, so I know it's not something that'll just go away on its own.

If you've seen someone other than a pediatrician, what kind of doc did you go to and at what point in the process of figuring out what was going on with your DC did you feel that was appropriate?  We have a checkup tomorrow night and I was thinking to ask then, but I'm not sure what the pedi will say or how much she'll resist my request, so it'd help to know what I need to ask for. :)  Thanks!


Gaaaahhh, I'm so SICK of HC being SICK all the time!  But I'm now more worried than annoyed, b/c it doesn't seem to be getting any better overall.  Help?  

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Re: RAD/Asthma likely dx; what next?!?!

  • This sounds exactly like my sons first couple of years of life, so I feel what you're going through.  We never had to go to a specialist mainly b/c our pedi had asthmatic kids and was very good about working with us.  At one point we were on two kids of nebulizer meds, reflux meds (many kids with asthma also have reflux) and a seasonal allergy med.   It was the specific combination that FINALLY got Harrison to the point that he was well most of the time.  If he'd get sick we'd tweak his breathing treatments.   Is your pedi comfortable with working with you?  Do you feel comfortable with their approach?
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  • We are just starting with mild asthma treatment. I think the next step/specialist would be a pulmonologist. We are not at that place yet b/c it is so mild and the meds seem to be helping with ours.
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  • Yes, go see a specialist!! I am so adamant because we spent two horrible, miserable years with our DD and her asthma/allergies. Up all night coughing, four nebulizer treatments a day, etc. etc.

     One month after seeing a specialist she was all fixed up on the right inhaler and now, even in the midst of bad allergy season, she is totally normal.

     We see Karen DeMuth at Emory Children's Center. And I cannot say enough good things about having a trained specialist to work with.

  • I would recommend an allergist...if you need a specific doctor's name email me and I can ask my FIL. Most RAD is triggered by an allergy, plus infections are more likely if the mucous membranes are inflammed from allergies already.
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