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Ok, so we're new at the parenting and going through all the things we need to consider, look at and buy!  Usually, I'm on the first tri board - although not for much longer! 

We're very confused at this point!  We're looking at Consumer Reports as a guide only, also. seat-wise, we like the Maxi Cosi Mico and the Chicco KeyFit.

Stroller-wise, I love love the PegPerego Pliko (although CR doesn't care for it's safety), and we like the Chicco Cortina.

Any pointers? your favourite stroller and car seat!  (This may help when I research the individual ones instead of going through a list of 2,000 different styles...LOL)

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Re: Car seats and strollers

  • Get a copy of Baby Bargains.  The latest edition is green in color (I think).  It will help you out much more than Consumer Reports will.

    My advice on a stroller is to get your car seat, find a simple stroller frame that fits it (they are about $50).  The frames basically just hold the seat.  Once your baby is born, get a feel for your stroller usage, a lot, very little, on rough terrain, jogging, etc...  What you think you want right now may not be what you need once baby arrives.

    That said, I had a Graco Snugride infant seat and a Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame.  When my son was 2 months old and I decided our stroller needs I bought a Bugaboo Frog.   We walk A LOT and I needed something for all types of terrains that was easy to push and had a really smooth ride for my son.

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  • I have the Chicco Keyfit carseat and the Chicco Cortina stroller.  Love the carseat.  The stroller was nice in the beginning when I wanted to snap the carseat into a stroller, but now I hardly ever use it (I use my Maclaren Quest all the time....smaller, lighter, easier).  I wish I had gone with a simpler snap and go stroller instead of the Cortina, but that's just my opinion now based on what I use.  Good can be so overwhelming!
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  • We have the Peg Pergo Pliko... My daughter is 2 1/2 and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE it... It is worth every penny and I have never had a problem with it...  didn't like the Pergo car seat!
  • image JillBean78:

    That said, I had a Graco Snugride infant seat and a Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame.  When my son was 2 months old and I decided our stroller needs I bought a Bugaboo Frog.   We walk A LOT and I needed something for all types of terrains that was easy to push and had a really smooth ride for my son.

    This is the set up we have as well- I knew I only wanted one stroller- I didn't want to deal w/ a travel system, etc.  We got the frog w/ the carseat adapter, but my DD didn't really like being in the carseat that much so the bassinet attachment was a godsend and it was fantastic for traveling w/ her those first 6 months because she could sleep in it as well! 

    We were given a hand-me-down jogger (fixed wheel) which my husband runs with, and a hand-me-down Kolocraft umbrella stroller, which we thought would be good for traveling- it sucked and we left it in a hotel in the bahamas rather than bring it back on the plane w/ us.  Now we take the frog everywhere and I just ordered the boogie board for the back of it, so DD will be able to hop on when the new baby comes. 

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  • We have the Chicco Keyfit 30 and a Snap N Go stroller frame. I didn't like how bulky the Chicco stroller was that came with the travel system. We figured save some $$ now and wait to buy something we know we will get a lot of use out of once he outgrows the infant seat and determine our needs.
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  • Thanks guys!  I will actually look up the Baby Bargains - someone else actually recommended it - I've actually been waiting for my SIL to hook me up with it for about 4 weeks...but chances are, I'll have to buy it.
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  • ctanactana member

    Buy the Baby Bargains book. It's the best $12 you'll ever spend.


    - Infant:  We had (we just moved DS out of) the Peg Perego Primo Viaggo.  We bought this to match our Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller (more about that later).  This carseat got heavy and quick. My DS was 6.14 at birth and outgrew it in length before he came near the weight limit.  I was on a Peg kick before I had my son, otherwise I would have gotten the Graco Snugfit (not the 32 one).  I say this b/c we ended up buying another peg base and that cost me an add'l $80 vs the $30 for the Graco!

    - Convertible: Nothing beats the Britax Marathon in my world.


    - Travel System-like: Like I said, I was on a Peg Perego kick. I got a Pliko P3 to match the Primo Viaggo.  This thing was huge and heavy. Loved the fabric, loved the look and mechanics, but got tired real quick of lugging this thing in and out of my car.  Once DS was out of the infant car seat, and could sit directly in the stroller, I was stuck w/this huge stroller. Even with slim fold, it still occupies a lot of space in my SUV.  I just could not see using this thing when my DS seemed very comfy in the Maclaren Triumph that resides in my DH's car.  So that got me wanting to get rid of the Peg.  I have been given the OK to consign it.  Hubby suprised me with a Bugaboo Bee.  The Bee is now my main stroller and resides in my car. The bee, although expensive, is light, drives like a dream, baby can face me or out, and folds up so easily and takes up very little room. Plus, the sun canopy is awesome, and my kid is fair so this is a must.

    - Umbrella:  I am of the belief that you should not skimp here. The baby will be in the umbrella the longest so it should be well made.  We have a Maclaren Triumph that I LOVE.  It is 1-2-3 and it folds and unfolds.  I love this thing.  This resides in my DH's car.

    - Jogger: We bought a used BOB Sport Utility D'Lux for running (I am a runner).  It was in great shape and we paid $100 for it.  It is our main outdoor stroller for neighborhood walks and outdoor adventures. The shocks and handling on this thing is awesome. We got the infant adaptor to be able to use it for our DS from birth (for walking since he was born in Aug).


    A PP said your stroller needs may change once you have the baby. Truer words could not be spoken!  I loved my Peg P3 but to be honest, the infant carseat with a growing baby in it gets heavier by the day.  My arm wanted to rip off some days.  That said, I should have listened when other people said to get the snap & go until the baby comes out of the carrier.  The last thing you need (at that point) is something else heavy and bulky!   If at that point you feel like the big full Peg, go for it!  But I knew the last thing I wanted was another big stroller at that point. I love the smaller, streamlined strollers for indoor use. They are just so much more nimble when you are in crowded places.

    Bottom line is, try out everything as much as you can first. Go somewhere with a great selection and practice driving it around the store, practice all the adjustments (seat adjustments), practice folding and lifting it. You will be doing lots of this in and out of your car. 




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  • We're going with the Chicco KeyFit, Macleran Volo & UppaBaby Vista.  I also recommend getting a copy of Baby Bargains, it helped me decide :)
  • Highly recommend Baby Bargains as well!

    I'm going with the Chicco KeyFit 30 and probably the UppaBaby Vista

  • Baby bargains offers great opinions but they are opinions just like the high volume retailers offer.  That said I think you have identified a couple of great choices identified.  I did the peg perego si stroller because it was lighter and less expensive than the pliko but I like the pliko as well. I don't like the peg car set so i did the snug ride which is compatible with the si.
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  • For our first, we used the Peg Perego Viaggio carseat and the Peg Perego Pilko stroller.  The carseat was a bit heavier, but we were able to use it for quite awhile.  We will be using it for #2 too.  I wasn't in love with the stroller as a travel system.  It was a bit bulky.  After we stopped using the carseat though, it was a nice stroller.  We still use it, but recently bought a Phil & Ted's Vibe for when our baby is born.
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