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Dinosaur Crib Bedding

Anyone seen any dino crib bedding?  The only one I've found is by JoJo Designs called Dinosaur Land


 I'm not a big fan of this one but I think a Dino Nursery would be super cute for my baby boy.


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Re: Dinosaur Crib Bedding

  • http://www.babysupermall.com/main/products/tyb/tyb1400.html

    ETA: PBK used to have this one, but it looks like it's not made by them anymore. You'd have to get it from eBay. I could swear they used to have a patchwork dino set in different greens but I don't see it anywhere.

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  • There is one that i bought on ebay & amazon, it is more of a tan colored theme. (Which i don't like the tan color) So instead i'm keeping the sheets for just in case, and buying new sheets that are dark brown!

    Also, good luck if you're planning to do dino theme... that's what i'm doing and its been a challenge so far!

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  • It's not bedding, but I saw this on Etsy and has just read this post, thought you might like it.


  • I'm doing a dino theme. I'm not going to get a bedding set. I'm going to get some fun crib sheets - stripes, dots, solids- and then we are going to have stuffed and plastic dinosaurs on the shelves. My mom bought us a dino bank and there is a lamp at Kohl's I'm thinking of getting. I bought a bunch of plastic ones at a yard sale last summer and I'm going to put them on the window sill. My mom thinks we're crazy but we are also going to leave our Indiana Jones movie poster and potato head in the baby's room. I figure Indy was an archeologist so it goes :) My mom thinks otherwise but it's DH's favorite so she'll have to deal.

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