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He crawled!!!

At 20 months and 2 weeks, my little guy crawled for the first time!!!  I am so excited!!  He's been doing so great lately - really wanting to be more mobile!  I guess having another little one in the house is forcing him to be more mobile on his own!! 
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Re: He crawled!!!

  • Yay! How exciting! Thanks for sharing!
  • Congratulations!!!!! This is wonderful!
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  • How exciting!?! My DD is 19 months old and we are working on this right now. So far... we have backwards shuffles and turning in circles, but I'll take anything we can get. :)

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  • Yay Isaac!

    It truly is amazing how a new baby sparks so many changes in and around us.  I've  seen it with Parker and Rowan too.  Congratulations :)

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    That's great!! Has he been in PT? I'm working on getting my 17 month old to move...there's hope!
  • That's wonderful!  I know you have waited a long time for this!
  • I'm so excited!  Yay!
  • YAY!! Congratulations!!!
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  • YAY that is awesome!!! I can't wait till my DD strats crawling :)  Hopefully soon she is 13 months!!
  • What a great feeling!  Congrats :)
  • Awesome!  Now you're in trouble!  Tongue Tied
  • That's so great! That's about the same time Marley started crawling. It is so cool!
  • That is wonderful!  Congratulations!!  Way to go!
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  • That is awesome!!!!


    I want so badly for DS1 to crawl or walk so I know you must be so incredibly happy. :-)

  • Hey, I know you!!! :) 

     Yay for the little man! I'm so glad :)  

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