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Pampers Baby Dry versus Swaddlers

We have been using Pampers Swaddlers since Katie was born and I love them...I am in need of more diapers and need to move up to a size 2.  BRU is having a sale right now when you buy 2 boxes of diapers and I noticed on their website that the "Baby Dry" diapers by Pampers are cheaper in price.

Has anyone used these...if so, what is your experience?  I don't want to cut corners cost-wise - especially if they are going to leak - but would love to save some $$ if I can.


Re: Pampers Baby Dry versus Swaddlers

  • We only used Baby-Dry with my son and this was because he was allergic to Pampers Cruisers (I think it was the dye).  Alot of people don't like the Baby-Dry diapers, so you may want to just try a few to see how they work before buying in bulk.
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  • I bought one box of them and they did not work for us. I hated them. Give them a try b/c every baby is different just don't buy a ton of them like I did just in case. I bought a huge amount thinking they were pampers how bad could they be? and I was WRONG! 
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  • We hated them.  they leaked and gave Carter a nasty rash b/c the liner wasn't as dry as the cruisers.  Never tried them on Ava b/c i learned my lesson. 
  • It's totally personal preference for us.  We tried Baby Dry and while functionally they worked, I didn't really like them.  I preferred the Swaddlers and Cruisers because they're softer, I like the mesh liners, and I think the fit is a little trimmer.   However, that's just me.  Some people definitely prefer Baby Dry.  I would suggest buying a small package first just to see if you like them.  Alternatively, you could always send a message to pampers and ask if they would send you a sample, you may get some coupons this way too.
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  • I loved Swaddlers - they were the best!! Since then, we've used Baby Dry with no problems. Some folks don't like Baby Dry, but they work for us. My advice would be to buy the smallest packs that you can and try them out to see what works for you and your LO.
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  • Not a fan of Baby Dry
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  • We used one box of them and they were ok. I don't remember them leaking really, but I just preferred the swaddlers and cruisers because they were softer and the tabs stuck better. Baby Dry is considered the economy line of Pampers, though they weren't that much cheaper.
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  • I like Cruisers, not Baby Dry.  But you can get Swaddlers in a 2 and in a 2-3.  Cruisers don't start until size 3.
  • i hate baby dry.  they smell and just aren't as good, i don't think.  i bought a huge case by accident and gagged until they were gone

    i like's what comes after swaddlers.  they are softer and smell better and work better.

    and i don't think the price difference is enough to this case. 

  • I know a lot of people don't like Baby Dry, but we love them! I actually prefer them of Cruisers. But, I'm not picky about diapers.
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  • I love, love them!  Max never leaks like he did with the cruisers/swaddlers. 

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