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While most of Augusta tries to leave for Master's Week, I've always secretly loved it! I loved the people and excitement and the celebs you might see. I loved the parties and all the bands that come in for that week (esp when I was not yet 21 ;)   I love the golfcarts in front of all the businesses/restaurants. I love how almost everything not related to golf or the entertainment or restaurant industries shut down for the week. Love it! When I was younger and pre-baby of course it just made "Disgusta" so much fun!  lol.

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  • Exactly!  I think next year I'll ship DH and the girls down to his parents house and I'm going to stay here and relive my youth, LOL.  I used to love meeting my girlfriends early on Wednesday to start partying and then walk over to the gates just before they closed. We were always successful at bumming badges from people that were leaving for the day.  So much fun!!!
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