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How much would you pay at consignment sale?

I have a ton of clothes new with tags I am listing for a consignment sale.  What percent would you expect to pay for new clothes at a consignment sale??  I don't want to short myself too much, but I want my stuff to sell!

Re: How much would you pay at consignment sale?

  • Honestly, I  probably wouldn't buy clothes at a consignment sale.. (i'd buy any other kind of toys or baby gear or that kind of thing though).. If the stuff was NWT maaaybe I'd buy it but only if it was REALLY discounted (like if its carters, the stuff is normally half of the tag price anyway.. so I'd say 25% of the tag price)..
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  • Retail is typically about 50% more than cost price (ETA: cost =  $10, retail = $20. Not sure if I'm making sense today). Depending on how old the clothes are (from this past season vs. a year or two ago), you could discount it accordingly.
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  • Max I'd probably pay $3 per clothing item if NWT.  If not NWT then $1-2.
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