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Vent Vent Vent... NTTGPR instead DH related...

DH went out of town (through a city 2 hours from our home) Thursday through Sunday.  Instead of me driving him to the airport and staying with his family while he was gone I chose to stay back at our apartment, which was fine with me because I was also in the middle of a horrid cold.

Flash to last night - DH gets home on Sunday night and after 20 minutes of being home he gets a phone call from his BIL confirming that BIL will drop off their two kids on Wednesday, they'll stay with us through Friday/Sat then DH and I will drive them back.  After he gets off the phone I asked when he was planning on bringing me into this decision?? Which then set off a fight.

This week is spring break for DH, but the working world gets no spring break.  In addition, I work a 40 hour a week job from home and although small, our 850 sq ft place isn't normally a big deal.

I go off on him asking where the kids will sleep? How will I be able to work? How are we going to entertain them? etc.Then he chimes in about him being frustrated because I won't go to his family (ie i stayed behind this weekend) and they can't come here.  I'm sorry but that's just a stupid statement.

So yeah, a fight fight fight, topped off with a speech from DH at the end saying that although he doesn't "keep track" we see my family way more than his and blah... wtf man.  

Might I also mention that we moved 6 states away from my family for his school and live only 2 hours from his family that we now see pretty often.

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Re: Vent Vent Vent... NTTGPR instead DH related...

  • umm yeah, this would piss me off, especially since when we watch MH's neices i do all the work while he throws em around and makes them even more wild.  i love the girls and love having them over, but i need to be in on the decision to have them over because again...i'm the one who will wake up early, make them breakfast, etc.  sometimes they just don't get it:( 
  • Ugh I hate those fights. Not that I enjoy any, but family fights are always the worst.
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  • That would suck. I don't work from home often, but when I do, I hate it with just our dog somedays, I can't imagine having 2 kids running around. Could you ask DH to go to BIL's house to watch the kids? Or at least have something planned to take the kids out of the house during the day when you are working? Maybe take them to the park in the morning, have lunch with you, take them to a movie in the afternoon or something like that, depending on the age of the kids. Good luck.
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  • My DH likes to use the we see your family more than mine  - but it is bound to happen as we are close and work together (family business).  But I would be beyond upset if he set up for anyone to come stay without consulting me - that is just rude!  Since he is on vacation, I would ask him to find stuff for him and the kids to do during work so you don't have to take care of them.
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