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Chloe is officially walking!! video!

Today is the first day that she has walked more then she has crawled.

I got a not so great quality video, because it's on my cell phone but it is a video none the less.

I posted it in my blog. I can't believe my baby is walking!

Re: Chloe is officially walking!! video!

  • OMG!  That is adorable!!  Pumpkin walked at 10 months too, but I don't think her brother will follow suit.  He is what you might call an unmotivated baby, lol.   
  • awwww!  That was cute!
  • That is the cutest thing!  She is walking so good!

    PM me for the new blog address!
  • Lurker butting in here

    Godson is 10 mos.  The kid crawls, climbs on everything, and can climb my stairs, but seems to be afraid to walk just yet.   

    Yay for adonkable kiddos. 

  • I'm so jealous! DS has been crawling since the week before he turned 6 months. Started pulling up to stand less than a month later. Yet 5 months later and STILL crawling.

    Congrats Chloe! I love that hair!

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