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Recommend your pack n play :)

Which do you have?

Why do you love it?

Is it heavy?

Easy to fold and go?

(I would prefer one with the bassinet or higher level sleeper option and maybe the changing table option.)



Re: Recommend your pack n play :)

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    We have the Eddie Bauer Complete Play Yard.  We received it as a gift and just put it up last night.  We  had the hardest time getting the sides to lock in to place.  Had to resort to seeing if there were instructions on Youtube, and there were.  Many people had trouble and there was a demo, and once we watched that it was a piece of cake to put together.  It has a bassinet feature as well as a changing table.  i love it now that we figured out how to put it together!
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  • We have the Graco PnP Pippin from BRU. Easy to put up and down. It's the basic model and doesn't have a bassinet, etc. and that's why we got it. Love it.
  • We have the eddie bauer one too, I had the same problem figuring out how to lock the sides, it was a matter of making sure the key lock in the center bottom was up. Once we figured it out it was a piece of cake, however there are lots of little add ons that I'm not sure we will use like the mobile and changer, but hopefully! Our plan is to set it up in living room too, because we have a two story house and I dont want to run upstairs all day to change diapers :) Love the colors tho, we wanted something gender neutral because while we are having a DD this time we are hoping for a little boy next round and didn't want a million pink and purple accessories....even tho they are very TEMPTING to buy :) GL

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  • We got the Chicco Lullaby LX.  We haven't used it yet since LO isn't due yet, but we did set it up and love it!

    It does have a push button easy fold and we like that the changing table can fold over onto the side or be left up on top, whichever you prefer.  It has a nightlight for changing, various sounds, vibrates and has a rollaway bag for travel.

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