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Baby Jogger City Mini ok for all-terrain?

I am looking for an all terrain stroller, but don't need a jogging/running stroller.

I saw the Baby Jogger City Mini in BRU yesterday and loved how light (17 lbs!) and maneuverable it was for a 3-wheel stroller. I'd like to avoid a BOB if possible because of the cost and the large wheels (trunk space), and the City Elite due to price and weight (26 lbs). But can the city mini be used for uneven sidewalks, etc?

Also, is it really duplicative to get a City Mini and a MacLaren Volo? The Volo seems good for flying etc

(I have to deal with a half flight of stairs even for stroller storage, so I would really like the lighest possible)

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Re: Baby Jogger City Mini ok for all-terrain?

  • I think the City Mini would be fine on rough sidewalks or decent hiking trails from my playing with it in the store. And yes, I think the Volo would be kinda duplicative. 
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  • Not sure if you could use it as all-terrain, but I know its not meant for that.  We went with the Elite for that reason, but I understand your concern about weight.
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  • but if you are just talking sidewalks, it should be fine. We went with the classic (similar to elite) because of better shock absorption and because it's all terrain though. 

  • I was able to get my City classic up and down the beach (soft sand) twice this week.  I love it!

  • I think you could but it might make a bumpy ride for LO.  Also, it doesn't look like the tires could handle a variety of terrain--I was afraid they'd wear out too fast.  We went with the Bumbleride Indie--it weighs 20 lbs and is all-terrain.
  • No, it's not.

    Our neighborhood sidewalks are pretty uneven, and it's a bit of a bumpy ride for DS. The shocks are okay, but the plastic wheels just don't absorb enough of the bumps. I love the BJCM for shopping and such, but it is a bit rough on uneven sidewalks. It's not meant to be all-terrain.

    Check out the City Classic.

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