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Feeling Like A Horrible Mother

I feel like such a bad mom, tonight.

Tristan's father isn't in our lives at all. And I have to admit, I would prefer it this way, after the way he treated me when I was pregnant and after finding out about his criminal record.

I just wish I had been smart enough to never sleep with him at all. Obviously I can't really regret it because I wouldn't have my son if I hadn't but....I regret that he was the wrong person. It completely breaks my heart to think that my poor decisions are going to cause my son any pain or confusion. And I can't just make his father a better or more responsible man. I can't fix it and I look at my little boy and think...he deserves so much better than what I've given him. And I just want to break down because I feel like a failure.

I know this is super emo and lame, I just had to get it out. Usually I'm just fine and we're happy but for some reason, I'm feeling really horrible right now.

Re: Feeling Like A Horrible Mother

  • mrgnmrgn
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    If you're doing what is best for you and your son. When that is the case, you are being a GREAT mom. There is no sense in looking back and regretting anything.
  • When he gets older he will be thankful for everything you have done. You are a great mom and I'm sure he will be proud. We all have our tough days and you're definitely not alone. Just hold your head up high!

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  • I'm sure most of us have looked upon our situations and blamed ourselves.  Don't do that to yourself.  Everything happens for a reason... all you can do is be the best mother you can and everything will be fine :)
  • thank you, ladies. I thought if anyone would understand, it would be some women on this board.

    I really appreciate the support. It is incredibly hard not to blame myself for all of it. But I'm doing everything I can to make my son's life simple and happy and I guess that's all I can do.

    Thanks again.

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