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So, I went!

And I had a great time! Aubrey and I met up with my friend Sara (former roommate) and spent the day with her. We caught up, saw some people, and laughed a lot. J came down to where we were and hung out for a few hours, and some other people met up with us for a bit. I was glad it was more of a group thing so there was no pressure either way. There was a little flirting back and forth, which was nice. It's nice to feel human after being home all the time with Aubrey.

As for the J - I don't really know. We had a good time sort of catching up. I would definitely go on an "alone" date with him... but not with Aubrey there. I'm hoping to work out a night in the next couple weeks to leave her with my parents so I could visit again alone.  Thanks for the advice, ladies!

Re: So, I went!

  • Glad you had a good time!

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  • Glad you had fun! It's always nice to have a little time adult time! haha
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  • Yay!  Glad it was a nice day out for you both!
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