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names you really loved but dh/dw vetoed

i really wanted to name Lorenzo either Stone or Maverick or Cullen...

dh only considered Maverick- but didnt like rick as a possible nn.. 

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Re: names you really loved but dh/dw vetoed

  • I loved the name Lorelei but DH thought it sounded too "hick." (he would walk around saying it in an awful Southern accent)  I also liked Liam for a boy but he didn't.
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  • Before we knew that this LO is a boy, I loved Evelyn but DH wouldn't go for it. ?
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  • We agreed on most names and have had a girls name since before I got pg.  Boys names were harder.  A couple that I like that DH vetoed are Mason and Evan (it just doesn't go well with our last name).

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  • I really wanted Liam or Evan, but DH wouldn't even consider either.
  • Jake.  He worked with a client with that name so he said no way.
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  • Elizabeth was both of our first choices for a girl.  Uhhh, I lie - Abigail was actually our top girl name ever but we used it on the pooch a few years back, so that was out.  I also like the name Samantha and would bring that up as a suggestion if we have a girl next.  DH mentioned the middle name Grace a few weeks later and I instantly loved it.  We never even thought of any other girl names.

    Our boy name we agreed on Caleb Michael (Michael is DH's middle name).  I didn't love the name Caleb at first, but DH vetoed literally every other name I suggested (I just read out of the book one night and even threw out names I didn't care for) and the more I thought of the name Caleb the more I liked it.  A couple of the names I like are family names that we wouldn't use - Matthew is my first cousin, Andrew is our adopted nephew on DH's side, David and Kyle are two other of my cousins.

  • I've only had 1 girl name and there wasn't any arguing about it.  Dh vetoed alot of boy names.  Gabriel, Harry, Henry, Wyatt, Xavier.  I can't even think of the rest

  • *sigh* I have a lot that he vetoed.

    I always always always wanted to name my little girl Regan. DH said no way.. He also said no to Shea. He used to say no to Sadie.. but he now says its a maybe.. Its funny though, because I can't picture Eve being named any of those things!

    For boys.. we agree a little more..except I told him the other day I want to name a boy if we have one Reid, and he said no. I had my heart pretty set on it too.. 

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  • imagewendyj:
    I really wanted Liam or Evan, but DH wouldn't even consider either.

    Those were my two top boy choices :).

    I liked the following names and got vetoed...Lilly, Chloe, Ryan, Greyson, Eden, Sadie, ...I know that there were a lot more, but those stick out.  I love all of those names!

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  • There were more names DH liked, that I vetoed! He actually said no to Evan the first time I brought it up, but then when we found out it was a boy and I brought it up again he liked it.

    I really like Whitney for a girl, and DH says no way.

  • I liked Ava but since that was Hilter's girlfriend's name DH vetoed it.  Even though her name was Eva, it was pronounced Ava.  Men!!!!
  • I forgot a few others that I liked-?

    Griffin- DH's ex-girlfriend's last name was Griffin. ?He said he didn't want a constant reminder of her! ?LOL!

    Greyson- DH vetoed for no reason!

    ?Parker- again, no reason for the veto?

    Amelia- DH said it was too popular?

  • Lucy was a name we agreed on from the start, but we couldn't agree on a boy name - even up till the day of the c-sect!  We ended up deciding on Parker for a boy, but that was after many many hours of vetoed boy names.
  • Now that we've started talking about names, we've both had our fair share of vetoes, but I just had to put my foot down at Archibald and Ulysses. And yes, he actually was serious. I just looked at him like, "Why do you hate our baby already?!"
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  • Brady!! He just thought of it as a last name only. But I have to say my little guy is a Lucas all the way!

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