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RP: Bad 4 mo appt - Torticollis?

I just got back from our 4 mo appt and am very worried.  Turns out DS has torticollis.  Basically his neck muscle isn't developing appropriately and so it looks like his head is tilted to one side.  They said he will get physical therapy but if it doesn't improve he may need surgery!  It can also lead  to other developmental delays. DH is freaking out about it and making  me feel like it's my fault cause of bedsharing.  

Does anyone else' child have this?  Can you share your experience?  Do you know if babywearing forward facing helps or makes this worse?

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Re: RP: Bad 4 mo appt - Torticollis?

  • Bedsharing does not cause torticollis. This is not your fault & your DH is an ass for making you feel that way. Sorry, but that would really piss me off. Wow.

    Ari had a very severe case that came on all of the sudden right before he turned 4 months old. His pedi actually sent him for an emergency MRI because she was worried it was brain related. Very scary. 

    Long story short his was caused by severe reflux - Sandifer's syndrome actually. He had to do PT & we still do stretches with him. The PT said sometimes they'll revert back when they hit developmental milestones even after it's resolved, & we've noticed that with him for sure. 

    It can be very serious or not. PT should really help. You'll have to do stretches & exercises at home too. When Ari's hit he literally had his ear to his shoulder it was so bad, & within a few PT visits & stretching at home he was already improving greatly. 

    GL! Your son will be fine! It's scary but very treatable.


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  • It's also very treatable with chiropractic treatments. I'd try the physical therapy first (if that's what you're most comfortable with, with me, I'd head straight to the chiro) and then if that doesn't resolve it, I'd try a chiropractor before surgery!

    According to my chiro, most chiropractors think it can also be caused by a subluxation of one of the neck vertebrae. Not a big deal, just have to put it back in. My DD has had her neck adjusted 3 times, the first being 45 minutes after birth :) 

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  • One of the twins I nanny had it pretty bad (noticed at birth, officially diagnosed at 2 months) and PT helped tremendously. They gave us stretches/exercises to do at home, which she seriously hated, but we stuck with it and she was much much better by her next well baby check. Be prepared for some tears from your LO with the exercises at first, and perhaps quite a bit of resistance, but after a while they just go along with it. 

    Don't panic, just get the PT appt made and be diligent about stretching/exercising your LO's neck. 

  • My son had it pretty severly - I'll post some pics of the flat head he got as a result if you like - and it was completely treated through physiotherapy. It is SO important to do the stretches at home as instructed. He will cry horribly because it was hurt, but you must persist. My DH thanked me for "curing" our son LOL. And the docs at the hospital told me that I was a wonderful mother. Really, you can do it. And don't listen to your DH - men can be clueless at times!! GL and I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow.


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  • jshfjshf member

    Thanks for all your responses!  I know it's treatable, but it's so scary that something is wrong with DS.  And I guess I always jump to the worst conclusion.  Fortunately the side DS turns his head to while sleeping next to me is actually helpful otherwise DH would be sure that the bedsharing made it worse.  

    I called the PT, and am just waiting for a call back.  i think we will feel better once he starts therapy and we see it improving.  Thanks again! 

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