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My MIL annoys me. (warning: petty and stupid)

EVERY SINGLE DAY I get either a text or a FB message from my MIL saying the same dang thing! "how did simon sleep last night" or "is simon still sleeping okay" or some variation of that. It wouldn't be QUITE so annoying if the lady would spell things correctly and USE A DANG QUESTION MARK! She never uses question marks! Ever! I'm like, PLEASE stop stating things at me!! Please! She's gonna make me have a meltdown!
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Re: My MIL annoys me. (warning: petty and stupid)

  • that would drive me bananas! 
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  • My MIL does stupid stuff like that and is very opinionated about how we should do things with LO. I think it's a MIL thing Wink

    When she would text me daily with stuff like that, I just started ignoring them and she eventually stopped the daily texts.

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  • Every single time I see my MIL (about once a week) she'll ask, "Have her eyes changed yet, when are they supposed to change"  then she'll say, "I hope they don't change, that would be so sad if they don't stay blue"


    1) Why don't you take a look and check for yourself

    2) Why do you care so much about her eye color?

    3) I have hazel and her son has hazel eyes...don't be too hopeful.


    My husband always ignores the question which leaves me to break the silence and answer the same stupid question.  It gets annoying.

  • MILs can be annoying because you can not tell them how you feel or where to go like you can your mom.  Every little thing annoys me.  I told DH that if I hear one more time about how she needs a slow flow nipple I am going to throw a bottle at her LOL I know what kind of nipple she needs.  The other annoying thing we bought these really expensive newborn photos and she keeps adding people we should give photos too.  If people want large photos,other than a birth announcment or wallet they can buy one themselves LOL
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  • My MIL doesn't do this, and luckily I only see her once every few weeks. But my grandma is the worst. Every day on FB she will write "how is Lia? Is Lia sleeping? Should we come get her?" Why would I want you to come get her grandma? If she offered to watch her once or twice that would be okay. But her doing it everyday and the way she says it makes me feel like she is implying that I can't handle it. So irritating.
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  • My MIL calls at least 4-5x a day and drives me nuts!! On FB I posted a video I took of our baby and she wrote on my profile as a comment to the video "great job daddy" - no mention of mommy. This was right under my mom's comment that mentioned how great we are both doing. Thankfully she lives four hours away.

    Plus she keeps giving us presents for the baby that we dont need. No we dont want more stuffed animals (already gave us like four)...I've told her repeatedly we have sooooo many clothes and she keeps buying more. I know I sound ungrateful, but if you knew her you'd know why I get so annoyed.


  • It makes me feel good that everyone has MIL issues.  They are soo annoying, I am writing down everything she does so I don't ever do it!  I feel like everything said and everything my MIL does is so judgemental like she's thinking I suck as a mom...if only I could be like her!  Grrrr.
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