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Ergos on!

Not great colors/patterns, but these pretty much never go on sale :)

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Re: Ergos on!

  • oh man!! I wish they weren't so ugly! haha!
  • Thanks for the heads up! although they're not pretty, looks like a great deal!
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  • Well, the pink one isn't terrible....but my DH wouldn't be caught dead in it! Haha!! We're stuck with our target one for now...
  • ugh, I want an Ergo! But those patterns just aren't doing it for me, even though they are a good deal. I don't mind the pink, but wouldn't put Evan in it!
  • those are pretty hideous.I was LUCKY and got mine on craigslist.  Luckier now because I get carriers sent to me for review fairly often, free of charge.



  • The pink one is really tempting me.. but i just can't spend the $.. Booo
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