Trying to Get Pregnant


congrats again on your bfp!! funny we were just talking yesterday ... i guess your hubby doesn't need that SA after all!!  ;-)

I keep counting myself out every cycle but you are giving me some hope since you said you didn't really experience many symptoms.. no sore boobs? lol i always press down on my boobs hoping they'd be really hurting by now haha.  Congrats!!!!!!!

Re: rma*

  • Thanks so much Beckr! Yes, I was so nervous about DH's hernia surgery as a baby because I had read it can cause male infertility! And to think I was sitting there about to get a BFP at the time... but honestly, no part of this process is easy, especially when we all know people who get KU with just a casual "high five". :)

    No sore boobs though! lol I did have cramps for 2 days before the spotting started, but I had gotten a BFN at that point & just assumed it was AF on her way.

    I wish you the BEST of luck!!


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