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So I started teaching voice lessons again this week for one evening (tonight).  I only have four students at the moment (so two hours of teaching) so Delilah is staying with my MIL.  MIL picks her up at 5 (I feed her just before they leave), then DH swings by and picks her up on his way home from work and they are home by 7 (just in time for bed).

I was all nervous about how she was going to handle it, so I made sure that she got a nap like RIGHT before MIL arrived, and also fed her at the very last second.  I figured it was foolproof and that she'd be fine.  I happened to have a break in between lessons, so I called DH to see where he was and he told me that he called MIL and Delilah was screaming in the background :(:(:(

Now I feel terrible that she is so upset!  I think it's good for her to have some time with my MIL and a bit of time away from me, but I don't want her to scream like this and I don't know what else I can do to help her cope.  Ugh.

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  • She got home with DH about an hour ago and was all puffy and sniffly.  Poor baby :(  However, she was so thrilled to be home again with mommy that she was freakin WIRED and didn't want to go to sleep!

    We are planning on going to go over to the ILs this weekend just to hang out for a bit and see if it helps her get used to their house.  We hadn't been there in a few weeks, so I'm sure that the strange surroundings weren't helping things.


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    That's a good idea.  DS is also really picky at night and only wants me.  I don't know if your LO is the same.  There's not much you can do but help her get used to MIL.  Maybe have a favorite toy she gets to play with only there.  Or if she likes baths, let her get one there.  GL!
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  • I am sure it will take some adjusting.  DS is very easy going with other people but only wants DH and me at night.  It may take a little longer for her to be comfortable having her snuggly/winding down time with your MIL.  Is there another time she could hang out with your MIL during the day to help her get more comfortable?

    On a side note, my private flute teacher when I was in high school had a baby who was about 6 months when I started with her.  Her husband watched the baby during lessons and the baby would freak out every time someone came in or out of the studio.  On occasion,  the baby would stay with us, she sat in mom's lap and enjoyed the show!  I just set up a studio in my house and DH knows he may have to take DS out during teaching times if he is upset that mommy is home but inaccessible.  When I leave to teach at the store at night he gets really upset too :(

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