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BIL Vent!! (Non-Clicky Poll)

My BIL is RIDICULOUS!  I'm not going to exaggerate too much but I do hate him with a passion!  He will do whatever possible to p!ss me off or to try and make a wedge between DH and I!!

How do you deal with your unruly In Laws before you want to



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Re: BIL Vent!! (Non-Clicky Poll)

  • I killed them with kindness. And when that didn't work my Baptist associate-pastor husband used the f-word to his sister re: her treatment of me. That kinda opened her eyes.
  • kat81kat81 member
    I agree that "killing with kindness" is often a good way to go. I luckily get along with my in-laws extremely well, though. Your BIL is obviously just very jealous of your relationship with DH. That's no excuse, though. Too bad he can't just accept you as a sister and be nice!

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