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Since it was a hot topic - f/u to bum bugs

Ari's pedi said that Ari could have picked up the pinworms just from touching something random that was contaminated, but its usually more common for toddlers or older children to get it. Babies usually only get it if someone else in the family has it. He was actually pretty surprised & didn't totally believe me until I described the symptoms & then what I saw. So most likely a.) someone in the family has them but just isn't symptomatic. Usually you'd have symptoms though or b.) DH & I think SD may have them but just was too embarrassed to say "hey at night my bum itches".

The pedi asked if anyone else was symptomatic & we all said no - I gave a knowing glance over to SD (she had her face in a book & didn't see me) & suggested we should all be treated just to be safe, especially since we bedshare. He seemed to get it & agreed. I don't want to embarrass SD or question her about it when we should all be treated anyway.

Unfortunately the pedi called in extra pills for Ari's rx & the pharmacy can't fill more than the recommended does, so we're waiting on our doc to call in rx's for DH & me. We'll all take one pill now & one in 2 weeks, & have to do extra floor mopping & laundry till treatment has been completed.

So the moral to the story is check everything & don't dismiss something because it sounds unlikely when trying to solve a sleep problem, but your LOs sleep problem is most likely not pinworms. Big Smile

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Re: Since it was a hot topic - f/u to bum bugs

  • So glad it's all going to be cleared up soon!  Here's hoping Ari sleeps like a little angel from now on Smile
  • Hope those scripts get called in for you guys soon!  Sorry about the "spring cleaning" you'll have to do this weekend.  I still can't believe that you figured out this sleep problem.  Awesome.
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