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Charlies soap and Oxyclean laundry ?

I bought some Charlies so that I can wash the CD with it. My question is can I also use this for LO laundry?

Also I read that you can really clean your CD by soaking them in Oxyclean overnight, I have started using it on my whites, but would this be a NO NO for LO whites to be mixed in with mine with Oxyclean?

I am going to start washing the CD and the clothes and wanted all my bases covered.


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Re: Charlies soap and Oxyclean laundry ?

  • i've never used charlies, but typically i think it is fine to use the same soap for CD and for LO's laundry. we do. some kiddos have extremely sensitive skin, and i've read posts that charlies is thought to sometimes cause a reaction.

    as for oxyclean, i've added it to the wash for CD and for clothes, but never soaked overnight. don't see why it would be a problem though. i might do an extra rinse just in case. if you're worried about stains on CD though, sunlight works WONDERS!


  • I use Charlie's for all our laundry and our CD's. Charlies is a clean rinsing detergent, and it's not recommended to use a standard detergent in the same washer as a clean rinsing because of residue concerns. But mostly, I do it because I'm cheap and lazy and don't want to buy two kinds of detergent. Big Smile

    I've never used Oxyclean on my CD's, but I've heard people say they do and they've never had any issues. I hang dry my CD's and that pretty much eliminates stains, like pp said.


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  • I heard oxyclean can damage CDs or make the fabric rough. I don't know if that's true or not, but we use BacOut instead. I put one or two squirts in the prewash & I keep a spray bottle w/ 1/2 BacOut 1/2 water to spray directly on any seriously poopy dipes. Now that Ari has more plopable/sprayable poops we rarely spray any on the dipes themselves. It supposedly helps w/ odors too.

    If you do use BacOut, be sure to double rinse, & use it in the prewash only. It's an enzyme & can irritate if not thoroughly rinsed. We haven't had any problems though. 

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