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wwyd...I messed up ethan's hair

I trimmed ethan's bangs but cut them way too short.  I don't know if i should take him to get it fixed and get the rest of his hair trimmed or pray that it grows back quickly.  we are supposed to get pictures taken next saturday. wwyd?

Re: wwyd...I messed up ethan's hair

  • I'd take him in...but stuff like that bugs me. I took Evan to that Kid Cuts r Fun (or something like that) on Sheridan - and it was ok. They have little animal things for the kids to sit on and TV's with kid movies at each station. It sure wasn't the newest place I've ever taken him...but it did the job.
  • I'd take him in so that his hair can be shaped a little better to hide the oops, especially if you're having pictures taken soon.
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  • Just because you have pics on Sat, I would definitely take him in..
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  • I'm going to learn from your mistake... I've been wanting to trim the back of Evan's hair. He doesn't even have a lot of hair, but it's getting long in the back. I think I'll leave it to a professional though!! ;)

  • When you say next saturday do you mean in 2 or 9 days? If it is 9 I would wait until late next week and then take him in. It would let them grow a little bit before shaping. If you mean 2 days then certainly get him in.
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