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I just started taking "real" prenatal vitamins (I was previously taking a womens multi and extra folic, iron, and a B-complex).  Anyway, the ones I bought are GROSS... I think I got the generic, but they taste "perfumy"... I can't describe it any other way.  They are the 30 pack with the 2 different kinds and the "liquid' one seems to make my breath smell the next day?  (I take them at night with a glass of milk and, let's face it last night, a piece of chocolate!). 

Anyway, has anyone else had this problem with vitamins that taste like perfume?  I hate them!  I got the generic because they were so much cheaper.  Are the regular ones the same?  Are all the "oil" ones like that? 

Any help or suggestions you provide would be helpful.  I'm new at this! 

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Re: Prenatal Vitamins

  • MisNMisN member

    Good morning! 

    I've only ever taken Materna and the Jamieson brand prenatal.  Materna has no taste and a good coating.  It is a bit more expensive but I usually find it on sale and use a coupon (each box contains a $3 off coupon).  The Jamison formulation is advertised to have no startch, sugar,  etc. so it tastes...well like a vitamin (not perfumy though).  I got used to the Jamieson brand and didn't mind it. 

    I think there are online coupons for both of these brands through their websites if the perfumy ones are bothering you.

  • I take the generic Target brand and they don't have any taste.

    They are solid- not like gel caps or anything and I haven't had any problems with them.

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  • I take the Target brand (200 ct for 5 bucks). I don't ever have after taste, or any other side effects...Hope this helps!
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  • I got the generic prenatal vitamins from my doc. since they were cheaper than buying them OTC.  They are about the size of my Centrum vitamins that I was taking, and look the same too, except mine are more brown than orange.  They're solid too, not gel type ones.  No issues yet!  I take them right before bed, sometimes with a snack, sometimes without.
  • I also take the Target generic PNVs.  I can see why you would be grossed out by a perfumey vitamin.  That would bug me too!
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