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Beco, Pikkolo or Angelpack Clicky Poll

Re: Beco, Pikkolo or Angelpack Clicky Poll

  • I haven't tried a Beco or Pikkolo, but like my Angelpack. I would love to try out a Beco though, b/c I like the insert feature and the idea that I could just swing DD on my back like a backpack.
  • I've tried the Beco and the Pikkolo.  Love the Beco, hated the Pikkolo.  Beco was very soft, snug, comfortable, easy to get her in and out of (it takes like five seconds), and very easy for back carries.  Pikkolo was none of the above.
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  • I said other because I haven't tried the others listed, but we love our Beco. DH uses it all the time & can easily do a back carry. I can still carry my 20 pounder in a front carry too!
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  • I love my pikkolo, but I haven't tried the others.  It has been great for back carries and it is fine for front carries.  It does hip carries okay, too, but I prefer the ring sling for a hip carry.  I chose it over the Ergo and Beco because I wanted the option of forward facing front carries - my husband's preferred method.

    The disclaimer is that I got it when DS was already 7 months old, able to sit up on his own and over 15 pounds.  So I have no experience using it with a small, floppy infant.

    Heather Margaret --- Feb '07 and Todd Eldon --- April '09
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