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blue celery sling?

I picked up one a few weeks ago when a local baby store was going out of business.  I liked the fit instore and that it doesn't seem as complicated as a normal wrap (tying my shoes can confuse me some days...)

But with the recent recall of sling carriers, I'm starting to second guess my decision.  I can't find many reviews online.  Anyone have any real life experience with them?

Re: blue celery sling?

  • The recent news has nothing to do with wraps or even pouch slings in general. The problem is with "bag style" pouches that have a C shape and are gathered, making it difficult to get positioning right (infants end up chin-to-chest) and they restrict the air flow to the baby. This is a good reference.

    If you follow the instructions for your wrap you should be fine.

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  • That is what I thought, but I wasn't quite sure since the blue celery one sort of acts like a bag (in my mind).  Maybe I'm just neurotic though.  Thanks for the reference - very informative, I probably never would have found it on my own. :o)
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