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Question for those co-sleeping

My husband and I recently came across an article on attachment parenting, and lo and behold, we're following it to a t without even knowing it. The one thing we haven't been doing is co-sleeping. Adelia has a craddle in our room, but we're finding she's much happier and we ALL sleep better when we put her right in bed with us.

I know that's not recomended so I'm thinking of buying a co-sleeper today. I was curious how other co-sleepers felt, and was it hard to break the habit of same bed sleeping lagter on? (for both mom and for baby). Is a co-sleeper as necessary as the doc says? or just hold your child? 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Question for those co-sleeping

  • co-sleeping is wonderful in the beginning.  esp. if you are breastfeeding it is so much easier to just lie down together to nurse.  once you get over the anxiety that comes with it... "will i roll over and smother my baby?"  it is much safer to have your DD next to you and NOT your husband.  we have a stronger instinct to protect then they do.

    at about 7m. things started getting rough.  he would kick and flail his arms around.  we tried to get him to go back to his crib but it was not happening!  we even resorted to doing some CIO and he cried far too long for our comfort level so we scrapped it.  he was teething on and off after that so we dealt with it and none of us were getting sleep.

    after his 3rd and 4th teeth finally came through we tried again to get him back in his crib.  it worked much better this time and he is happy and STTN 11 hrs.   honestly, I have  no idea how people co-sleep with toddlers.  unless their kids are angels who don't move in their sleep! 

    if co-sleeping long term is not something you are interested in, I would try and put your LO back into a bassinet or crib around 4-5 months before she becomes too accustomed to sleeping next to you.  good luck and congrats on your new baby!



  • We dont use a co-sleeper. We've done a combo of bedsharing and co-sleeping (first the bassinet, then the crib next to our bed)

    Moving her back to her crib started within the last few weeks and it's actually been relatively easy. It was with my 1st DD too. I think it helps that she can still see us when she wakes up and knows we're there. We'll see how it goes when we move our bed to our own room

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