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any former co-sleepers do this??

DS had been out of our bed for a few weeks now.  it was time, he was kicking and climbing all over us and no one was getting any sleep.  he is doing great on his own and we are happy to have our bed back ( we only have a queen, it was rough!)

well, I guess my brain has not received the memo that he is gone.  at least 5 times, when DH has rolled over in bed I have pretty much attacked him with my arm.  as in , I fling it over him super fast to prevent him from falling out of bed.  yes, I am sleeping and thinking it is still DS!!   I don't know where this is coming from, b/c when we did co-sleep  he wasn't on that side and we had a bed rail!   so, he really couldn't fall out  anyway! 

poor DH! I guess last night I did it super hard and it scared the crap out of him!!



Re: any former co-sleepers do this??

  • LOL, I've done something similar on nights when she's in her crib instead of our bed.

    I wake up to DH rolling or tossing and turning and I smack him and shriek thinking DD is still in our bed and he's squashing her.

  • That's funny.  I'm sort of the opposite.  I just started bringing DS to bed in the early morning because he was having trouble going back to sleep.  Now if I hear him stir and am half asleep I keep thinking I need to get up, forgetting he is right next to me.
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