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This teething thing is really hard on B

Poor B.  I took her to the pedi yesterday and she said B's symptoms are caused by teething.  She thinks B may also have a minor sinus infection and put her on antibiotics.  Poor little thing, she is SO miserable.  B is never miserable like this, she is super clingy too, just wants me and there is nothing more I can do to help her.  She has been up since 4am crying and fussing TRYING to get back to sleep but couldn't get comfy.  I gave her Tylenol, nursed, massaged, everything and she just couldn't be comfortable.  Finally I brought her down stairs at 5 because nothing was helping her sleep.  I put on her show and stood her at her play kitchen.  I just looked down and the poor little thing is sound asleep on the floor in fron of the TV with her baby bunny.  I have the fireplace on so she is super warm and toasty.  I hate to try and move her.  I think I am going to try to continue my search for a Sophie in the morning.  I thought Toys'R'Us would have it but they didn't.

Her worse days being miserable are still better than Tyler's best days as a baby.

Re: This teething thing is really hard on B

  • Poor Bri! Motrin usually does the trick for R, but not always.

    buybuy Baby has Sophie.....but I am guessing you guys don't have one yet. Maybe a boutique or place like that?

    Good luck! 

  • Yeah, no buybuy baby.  I have decided I hate Bed, Bath, beyond though so I don't know if I would like it.  We do have a BRU, but it isn't in am area I go to often.  If I don't find one today, I will have order it online and wait for it.  I think I am going to try Baby Depot this morning.
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  • Awww...poor thing : ( Hope she feels better soon.

    You'll have better luck finding sophie at a smaller store - it's not very mainstream. I'm really surprised it's at BBB.

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