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Anyone bored, wanna check out my chart?

Hi ladies, this is my first cycle off bc and charting.  I'm hoping I'm a slow riser and have ovulated but am looking for some more experienced opinions.  What do you think?  In related news, my boobs, specifically nipples, are super sore today.  I'm guessing pms symptoms can change after bc because I've never experience this before!

9/15/14 - Our first son born thanks to donor eggs at RBA after 7 failed own egg IVF cycles.

Re: Anyone bored, wanna check out my chart?

  • As of right now, your chart doesn't show an obvious ovulation.  It's particularly tricky on your first cycle after discontinuing birth control.  You just have to sort of wait it out and see, no matter how experienced you are at chart interpretation.  Of course your symptoms will change. :)  Your body is actually trying to cycle on its own now.
  • hmmm.. it's super hard to say especially since this is your first cycle charting so you don't know what is normal for you.  Your CM doesn't really seem to match up with your temp rise though.  You might not have O'd yet.  You'll have a better idea within the next few cycles as you figure out what is typical for you.  Sorry I could not be more helpful - Good luck!  And it's great that you are charting your first cycle off BP!

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  • I don't see an O.  But I just wanted to compliment you on a great first chart off BCP.  Mine was crappy b/c I was not "into" it enough and had a ton of open circles.  But now I've got an alarm set to temp.  and driving DH crazy with it lol.  I had to stop during AF b/c I think DH was ready to throw the BBT out the window. 
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  • Thanks all.  I have a friend who recently had a baby and informed me all about charting and what to look for so I was prepped before hand!  I hate not knowing if my cycle will be normal and I will actually O or not.

    9/15/14 - Our first son born thanks to donor eggs at RBA after 7 failed own egg IVF cycles.
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