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Embarrassing "baby brain" moments?

I rushed and rushed this morning to get myself and my one year old ready to go, barely made it to my Dr. appointment on time at 9:00, and was told when I got there that my Dr. isn't in today.  "Huh?!"  Well, it turns out my appointment is tomorrow...

Re: Embarrassing "baby brain" moments?

  • 2 weeks ago I got up at 6:15 on a sat and started to get ready until my husband told me that it was sat and that I did not work.  I still wonder today how long It would have took for me to figure out it was sat...probably when i got to daycare to find out they were closed.
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  • LOL! Oh I have one!!! I went to go pick up my 2 little ones from daycare. I put my daughter in and buckled her up. As I was buckling my son up, the car started moving forward and kept going.....right into the sitters garage! I forgot to put the car in park!!! Indifferent Talk about embarassing!!! Thankfully, my husband and his friend were able to fix it and actually fix it better than it originally was!!!

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