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Food Sensitivities Check In

This check in is for mamas who have had to restrict their diet due to food sensitivities in their LOs or themselves.

This week's theme is your favorite recipe. Doesn't matter what meal.

Any random tips, vents, etc. are also welcome.

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Re: Food Sensitivities Check In

  • Chickpea curry is an amazing dinner dish:


    DH makes this & bulks it up with extra veggies - carrots, broccoli, whatever he feels like. He uses about half the tomatoes called for in the recipe & just a dash of salt. The 1 tbsp called for in this recipe is way overboard.

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  • Well, all the stuff I've cut out of my diet and we still have blood in the stool. So, it looks like I'm going to go on a total elimination diet and basically eat only turkey, potatoes (both regular and sweet), squash, zucchini and pears for a couple of weeks. I just think it will be easier to cut everything out and add stuff back in gradually than to keep guessing at what I should cut next!

     Anyway, here is my current favorite recipe for a side dish: Tomato Sauerkraut casserole

    1 can sauerkraut, drained well

    1 can diced tomatoes, undrained

    1/2 cup sugar

    4 strips of bacon, chopped

    preheat oven to 300*.  combine sauerkraut, tomatoes and sugar in a casserole dish and top with chopped bacon. Bake for 2 hours!

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  • We just made this:

    Moosewood Lentil Soup

    We left out the wine and I strained some for DD.  It was a hit.

    I am so protien starved that I am currently eating quinoa with chickpeas.

  • Grilled salmon with a dash of salt and lemon.  I always loved fish but wasn't really a salmon person before.  I discovered I really like it when salmon was the only thing on many menus that wasn't previously seasoned.


    Pawley, I am so sorry you haven't seen improvement.  Keep us posted!

  • mmm, i haven't had salmon in a long time. we'll have to add that back into rotation around here.

    as boring as it is, i am love black beans and rice with salsa. i could eat it every day. since we can still do dairy, i also love kidney beans and rice with a little shredded cheddar. it's my hippie upbringing :)

    pawley--good luck with the total elimination diet!!

  • I like basic grilled chicken with couscous.  Can't go wrong.  I'm excited to add grilled veggies in as the weather gets nicer.

    I'm not sure what our next step is either.  We've been dairy/soy free for 5 weeks now.  Still got blood - sometimes lots, sometimes none.  I've taken out eggs and beef for a week - no difference.  I'm currently getting corn and all byproducts out... not seeing a difference.  Next week will be wheat.  Don't  eat enough shellfish to still be seeing this - got rid of peanuts too.  

    we have a pedi G.I. appointment in 3 weeks.  At least by then Ill be able to tell him what I know it's not.  Hopefully then he can point us to someone who might be able to test for something more or else help.  My DH has HHT, which is a blood disorder, so it's possible that this is related.  He's still gaining like a champ though, so that's good.  

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  • Melody, I'm sorry you're still seeing blood.  I hope you figure it out soon.

    I just came across this recipe for dairy free quiche.  We're going to try it tomorrow.  I know not everyone can have eggs, but we're preparing for a brunch shower and if I have to cook all day, I want to be able to eat something:)  Remember that crust is full of soy unless you make a butter crust, which may or may not work with your diet.

    Dairy Free Quiche

  • So, I don't have any food sensitivities, but this was linked in a blog I read and thought of you ladies.  I can't vouch for its usefulness in your situations, but it seems like there are some pretty good recipes.
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