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Another, would you take LO to the pedi?

Bri has been off and running a fever since Thurs.  Other than a couple mucusy diapers, no other symptoms.  I did call the oncall nurse on Sat when her temp hit 103, but other than that, it has been 99-101 easily controled with Motrin or Tylenol.  She is eating, but not much.  Ear infection maybe?  My kids are rarely sick, never had an ear infection.

Re: Another, would you take LO to the pedi?

  • I would.....that is what they are there for! You just never know what her little body is trying to fight off, nip it before it turns into something.....or just be told by the pedi that she is fine = )
  • I would. I can't tell you how often we've taken Evan in for suspected ear infections. But he's never had one either. I don't like to mess with lingering means they are fighting something.
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  • Took her in.  Turns out to be teething since she is getting both top and bottom at the same time.   The NP also thought she might hava a bit of a sinus infection that is being aggrivated by the teething which caused her fever to spike this weekend and mucus diapers.  Gave her antibiotics.  I hate antibiotics.
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