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close to O, pain during sex?

So I should be Oing in the next few days....I had nothing on an opk yesterday but today and had a test line that almost matched the control line (same thing happened last month before I O'd)

I noticed today that while having sex I had a slight pain, it kind of felt like the pain I had 2 days ago that I thought was O and like a pressure feeling.

Does anyone else have this?  I'm assuming it's b/c my cervix is lower b/c I'm close to O but I'm wondering if it's something everyone else feels too.

Re: close to O, pain during sex?

  • I've had this too this cycle. I never really O'd before so being on Clomid this cycle it might actually happen. I felt pressure on my right side and it was a little painful. Maybe O pain?? I hope so- For the both of us :)
  • I've had this too. I've noticed that being on top helps, since you have a little more control over the pressure.
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  • I totally had this during this cycle - turned out to be the one day before and the day I O'd.  Lots of pressure and definitely pain during sex.  It went away the next day I think, so I'm attributing it to O symptoms.
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