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LO will be 6mths soon. Some ppl say thier babies sleep thru the night and some say thier LO is 9mth+ and still doesn't. Does your co-sleeper sleep thru the night? If so what age? LO wakes for a bottle other times to be soothed. This happens 2-3 times per night.


Thanks :)

Re: Co-sleepers

  • nope, not even close.  I just posted about this!
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  • N still eats every two hours at night (sometimes more).
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  • no way. my sprout is all over the place, but certainly not STTN with any consistency.

    after nursing to sleep, i put her down to start the night in her crib bc we aren't ready for bed yet. then she comes to bed with us at her first real waking. sometimes that's in 2 hours, sometimes that's in 5 hours. once she's in bed, she'll sleep the rest of the night in anything from 60 minutes-4 hour stretches. those are the extremes, but every night is different.

  • DS was 2ish years (and weaned) before he started STTN.

    DD is only 3 weeks old so she is obviously not STTN, or even close.

    I think it is a combo of parenting (letting them CIO or any other sleep training you might do) and the inherent temperament of the kid- I call the early STTN kids "magic babies".

  • DD sttn if she is sleeping in bed with me. 2 nights a week i have late classes so dh puts her to bed in crib where she wakes up at 12.30 and 3.30 for feedings then I bring her to bed with me at 6:00 where she then sleeps til 8:00.  I hate those 2 nights a week because she obviously doesn't feel as secure sleeping on her own since she gets up, and needs a pacifer to stay asleep.  When co-sleeping she never needs a paci.
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