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Thank God for my wrap!

I've been wearing DD (7 weeks) a lot more than I ever wore DS. I don't wear her as much at home, but when we are out I wear her.

She has been so difficult to get to sleep. I carry her around, bounce her, rock her, sing, nurse, co-sleep, etc...everything that a baby is supposed to love.

Last night I just wanted her to go to sleep and it was getting late. I did everything I could think of to get her to sleep and nothing was working. I was about to take her for a car ride when I spotted my wrap. I put it on, got her in it, and within 10 seconds she was quiet and content. Within 2 minutes she was sound asleep! Big Smile

Tonight-same thing except this time I put the wrap on right away after she nursed (this little one does not nurse to sleep which I can't believe because DS had to nurse to sleep).

I love my wrap even more now!

Re: Thank God for my wrap!

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