Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months


OMG, how did i miss those pics of sawyer?!  I just wanna steal her!!

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    i love ike and his fuzzy little head :)
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    lol thank you <3


    and i love retro ike. 

    aidan kincaid (12.19.06) sawyer grace (7.30.08) 
    reese madeline (5.11.10) miller paige (2.6.12)
    girl #5 due december 2013.

    13 galveston1

    IG: punkfictionv4

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    i love ike and his fuzzy little head :)

    aw, del, you make my <3 all fuzzy and warm, lol.  I miss that fuzzy head, i can't believe it's been a year since those photos!  I can wait for the bb's this year :o)

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    I know, im excited about the BB too. Its been 7 years since i have been able to see any!!! I keep seeing patches of them along the highway and i think "oh that woould be a good place for pictures" but then i remember how brock loves to run free as soon as I set him that and mix it with being near a highway is not a good idea! lol i need to find a field somewhere.

    Punk....the ice cream pic is killin me! breaks my heart! lol

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