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Beco vs babyhawk vs "olives and applesauce"??

I'm going to try all three this weekend at our local "natural family store", Sprout Soup :) what should I look for??? What are your pros and cons?? I am looking for something to last through the toddler years. DD just turned 8 months, and she is too squirmy for the Moby, which I LOVED. She is very small for her age- st the doctor on Monday she was 14 lbs, 6 oz. TIA!!!
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Re: Beco vs babyhawk vs "olives and applesauce"??

  • Are you looking at the Babyhawk Oh Snap or the regular one?  From what I've read, the regular Babyhawk isn't very supportive for toddlers. How fun, to get to be able to try all three out.  There's no local babywearing stores near us.

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  • out of those, I would pick an olives and applesauce. I've tried all of them- a babyhawk (MT) won't be supportive enough for your LO. A babyhawk SSC would be fine though... I like the straps slightly better on the O and A, because you don't need a chest clip. 
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  • I have a regular Babyhawk MT and a Beco.  I like the MT for short carries around the house.  DS sleeps in it very comfortably.  If we're out and about I prefer the Beco because the straps are really secure and they don't drag on the ground like the Babyhawk's do.
  • I've only tried the Beco and the O&A and I liked the O&A better. 
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