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OH! Funny dog story!

So most of you know I have fluffy puppy Emma....last night I get home from work, and DH had gotten home first, and sitting on the kitchen counter was a half-dog-eaten package OF MY PRENATALS....

The kicker? She only ate the fish oil capsules....The lady at the vets when i called said she'd be fine, but that she'd have a super shiny coat for a while...OH my dog. :)

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Re: OH! Funny dog story!

  • Haha ya people give their dogs fish oil pills to help with dry and itchy skin.  She might also have a loose stool ;)  We had Abby on fish-based dog food when we were experimenting and trying to get her itchiness to stop.  It did help the itchy, but she couldn't tolerate it and had too much diarrhea.

    That is so funny though that was what she went for!

  • LOL - we've given our lab fish oil from the time she was a puppy because of how dry her skin was and everyone always comments on her shiny coat.  I bet Emma looks extra shiny soon!
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