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Savings Cards for the Limited

I receive regular savings cards for The Limited and won't be able to use these before they expire. The cards (I have two) are for $15 off any purchase, $30 off $100 or $50 off $150 purchase and are good on regular price or promo items but no redline/clearance or accessories. I generally love to get these, and personally scour the store for tops on promo for $20 or so or buy their pants when they're 40% off and with the $15 off I get a great deal. So if you're needing some new clothes or need to buy some inexpensive "in between" clothing until you're back into your pre pregnancy clothes, these are great. They're free to anyone who will use them, I just hate to see them go to waste.

Re: Savings Cards for the Limited

  • Ooh, I'll take them :)  I'm going to need work pants that fit soon.. ugh..


    I'll trade you the nursing pads ;)

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  • Sounds like a deal to me. Let's make plans to get together this week. I'll be out of town Monday and Tuesday but am available the rest of the week.
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