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Giving up the pill.

My fiance is going away for 3 months and we are getting married a month after he returns, we plan on TTC as soon as wedding is over.. lol. I was wondering if I should give up the pill now to increase my chances when we do start trying?

Re: Giving up the pill.

  • Yes! The sooner the better! A lot of women have weird cycles coming off the pill, so I would definitely stop taking yours now (after you finish the pack you're on, of course).

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  • yes
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  • 100% yes.  it took my body about 3 months to regulate after coming off the pill.  alot of the time it can take up to a year though.
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  • It can take a while! :) I'm on my 5th month and I'm still wacky!
  • YES! I wish I would have. The only thing that you have to worry about is having AF on wedding day or honeymoon. That is why I waited.
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  • Yes!  Come off of it and give your body those 3 months to adjust before TTC.

  • YES!! I wish I would have come off mine sooner!!
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  • Yup, I wish I had stopped it sooner.  Just use condoms or somethine in the meantime if you don't want to get pregnant.  Oh, and welcome and good luck!
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  • Yes!  My biggest TTC regret is not stopping it sooner.
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  • yes!!!

    I come off last month, and started today :( I should have started around the 29th

  • Yes, it can take up to a year for your body to regulate after the pill.  Hopefully, it won't take that long for you, but it will save you time if your cycles are regular by the time you start TTC.  Good Luck!
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  • Yes, I would.
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  • I gave up the pill last summer and my cycles are still a little weird.  Before I went on it (granted, five years before) I had perfect cycles. Whether my cycle is permanently different or whether I'm still having side effects from coming off the pill, I don't know.  I'd go off now!
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