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Your poor DS! I hope you guys find a solution!  Sometimes these things take a while to work out of your, and their, systems so I understand (and HATE) the thought of waiting.  Have you seen any improvement based on elimination diets?

I am so grateful for my pediatrician. DS started acting colicky around 3 weeks.  I consulted my doctor about eliminating dairy. He feels that is highly over diagnosed and a lot of children don't see much improvement because that isn't the actual problem.

He put me on his 'white diet.' He said there was probably some food that was irritating DS' stomach so I was only allowed to eat bland foods. For one week, the only things I was allowed to have were plain chicken, vanilla yogurt, apple juice, and white bread. The second day on this diet, the screaming stopped and his diaper rash started to clear up. After 5 days, I added in a new food every 2-3 days. First veggies, then fruit, then meat. Within a month, I was pretty much eating everything.

I backtracked if the screaming at night started again. That only happened once. It was when I ate a blueberry muffin. I tried that again a few weeks later and he had a bad night.  I avoided blueberry muffins from then until two weeks ago.  The black pepper was almost a lucky find.  About a week into the diet, DH was running errands and brought me home a fast food grilled chicken sandwich on a white bun.  When I opened it, it had pepper on it.  We figured we would try it and see what happened.  2 days of screaming at night after that.  That was the end of black pepper although I can eat other spicy stuff.  I accidentally had something with it at about 6 months and he had the same reaction.  A few weeks ago, I again had something with it but he had no reaction that I could tell.  I am still avoiding it overtly (don't add it, don't cook it, avoid foods likely to have it, etc.) but I am not asking at every restaurant anymore and then ordering the only thing without it on the whole menu.

Good luck!  I have told several people about this diet and both people who actually felt comfortable trying it had success.  One found out her LO couldn't handle sour cream and onion potato chips, lol!  Best of luck to you and your LO.
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