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Need opinions/info on laparascopic surgery - endometriosis the shortest version possible, my DH and I have been TTC for a while now. His SA is fine and I appear to be ovulating normally. I had a HSG which showed that my right tube is obstructed. At first, my doctor said he preferred not to do surgery based on where the blockage is (closer to the uterus) and we did a month of transvaginal ultrasounds (still very hard to see right side) and then a shot of Novarel (I think that's the name?) when the follicles were the right size. It was a left-sided month (which was good) and the doctor and nurse were convinced it would work well...but no luck. Now the doctor is saying we should do laparascopic surgery for likely endometriosis (I have some pain issues as well).

 So - do any of you have experiences with this and know whether or not it tends to work? I don't have my next doctor appt for a week and the nurse couldn't tell me anything over the phone. I think other than this, our only other option is IVF.

 Thank you so much in advance!



Re: Need opinions/info on laparascopic surgery - endometriosis

  • I had a lap to diagnose and treat endo. My tubes were clear but she did find endo and "web like" scarring near the tubes. I can't tell you if it has worked yet as I'm still regulating from the drugs I had to take with the surgery.

    I can tell you that all my pain is gone. I had cramping throught the entire cycle, horrid cramping during my period with painful urination and BMs, and sex was always painful. I also had very heavy periods will alot of clotting.

    Since the surgery I still cramp during my period but nothing as extreme as it was and they're not as heavy. I don't have any pain during sex or throughout the month anymore either.

    Good luck!

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  • I had Lap surgery in October.  I didn't have a tubal issue, but it depends on how severe the endo is, something you won't know until the RE gets in there.  If you are in pain, I'd have the Lap.  My Lap took away all my endo pain.  GL!

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  • after a cancelled IUI due to clomid thinning my lining,

    and 3 IUI's with injectibles, I met with my RE for a mid-way consult (my insurance covers 6 IUI's).

    She threw out the option of having a lap done to check for endo.   I told her that I was confused since I didn't have any symptoms of endo.  She said "not getting pregnant IS a symptom"  (who knew).    Once I found out my copay for the sugery was only $20 I said why the hell not.

    After a 3 month TTC break (long wait to get in for the lap), I had the lap done.   Turns out I did have stage one endo which they cleaned all up for me.

    We had IUI#4 immediately following, which was BFN.   And IUI #5 the next month and got our BFP.   (so, cycle #2 after the lap)

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