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Are your boobs different sizes? Since BFing, my boobs have been all over the place-I started out with my right one as being the "hulk" and big producer and now my left one has taken over....but I can't believe how different in size they are! I swear my left one is almost double the size of the right! I was trying on bathing suits for FL (yikes) and my left one was busting out and cleavage city while the right barely filled out the top! I'm hoping once BFing is done that they'll balance out more!

Re: Breast Question

  • Yes!  Not a huge difference but definitely noticeable.  And I swear pumping has ruined my nipples.  Oh the joys!
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  • well most breasts are at least slightly different anyway- so with BFing it can make those changes different- my doctor told me that even with milk coming in and not BFing can make changes to the breast..
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  • Oh yeah!  Lefty is also my big producer (by a lot) and is also quite a bit bigger than Righty.

    Def. much more pronounced now than it used to be.  ;-)

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