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rockin green vs tiny bubbles?

I am going to try a new cd detergent, and was contemplating one of these, any pros or cons?


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Re: rockin green vs tiny bubbles?

  • I love Tiny Bubbles :-) I have no issues with it whatsoever. I've never used Rockin Green.
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  • tiny bubbles didn't work for me. it made the diapers stink and i had a hard time getting rid of the smell. rockin' green has been great so far.
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  • I LOVE Rockin' Green! To be fair, I've never used Tiny Bubbles, but Rockin' Green always leaves my diapers smelling fresh and clean (and the pre-wash scent is fun, too!). I've also never had an issue with stinky diapers. It's great! She has two formulas right now, Soft Rock (for delicate skin) and Classic Rock (great for people with hard water). In a week or so, she's coming out with Hard Rock, which is just for people with hard water, though I've had no issues with Classic Rock doing the job. 
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