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I couldn't get the double stroller in the car!

I can't believe this!  I tried to take the Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand double stroller to a play group today.  I could not get it in the trunk of our Acura.  If DH can't get it in the car then it's useless to us.  Which sucks! 

Re: I couldn't get the double stroller in the car!

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    is it a 4dr acura? or a hatchback? i have a huge double stroller and could still fit it in a 4dr car's trunk before i had an SUV
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    i have that same stroller and it fits in the trunk of my focus, but you really have to angle it just so.  the first time i took the kids to the mall by myself, it took me 10 minutes to jam it back in the trunk (DH had alway put it back in while i loaded in the kids). 

    it's a PITA, but it *should* work.  =]

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    It has to fit, I have a small Saab and it fits with a roadside emergency kit back there too. Like the pp said, angle it differently maybe?
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