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Superyard XT: plastic or metal for outdoor deck?

I know plastic is supposedly for outdoor use, but metal makes more sense to me. I need to block off a large portion of our deck that is open to the yard. I am also leaning toward metal because I have 4 leftover sections from one that I use indoors to secure an awkward stairway. 

Re: Superyard XT: plastic or metal for outdoor deck?

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    i'd be worried about metal rusting.
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    I'd avoid metal b/c of how hot it would get in the sun. I wouldn't want my LO touching a metal gate that had been out in the sun for 8 hours!
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    We have the plastic and it isn't terribly sturdy.  It works because DD knows she's not suppose to be in that area, but if you're blocking off for safety (like a gate) I would probably try to find something other than the plastic model. 
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